Was born and reared in Sydney Mines,left there in 1952. I went to notre dame high and just wondering if any of my fellow classmates are still living there. I was known as Gertie King, Anyone remember me?

I'm searching for information on my grandmother's family. My grandmother's name was Audrey Margaret Driscoll and she was the daughter of Harry Driscoll and Alice Ferguson (born in Canada, immigrated in 1923 to USA). According to a census document they lived at 10 Main Street. Her known siblings were Harry, John Clifford, Edna, Agnes, Veronica, Murray and Donald. I'd like to connect with any other Driscoll decendents and learn more about our family history.




Hi ....I'm helping someone do an article on soldiers of World War 2. I'm looking for relatives of William Henry Smith who I believe was from Sydney Mines and was in World War 2. He had a brother named David and a sister named Maureen. William may have had a friend named Alexander Todd who also lived in Sydney Mines. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you.




Hi there. I'm looking for the Thompson family, particularly James and Sarah Thompson, who were Boarding House Keepers in Sydney Mines in 1908. They were immigrants who came from England in 1904. Their 15 year old daughter Mary Ellen was married in a Baptist ceremony in North Sydney in 1908 to Leonard Bickerton. No one knows where Sarah and James went after Mary Ellen died in Port Hood, in 1914. I hope someone can help. Thank-you

Len Mac Lellan


My father, and 6 siblings (Simmons) were born in Sydney Miles, c.1906 -1921. They lived on Queen Street, just up from Main, same side as the church, Found the old house on Google earth, shrubs covering most of the front. Anyone know who owns this now? Also have a pic of my 3 aunts, writing says "first Point, Greeners.


Carolyn Hudson



Was born in Sydney Mines in 1941. Maiden name Ludlow. Lived on Fraser Ave. & King St. Looking for Glenda McGean or Lester Mcfarlane.


Sylvia (Ludlow) Bell

(If anyone can help please e-mail sibbi(at)sympatico.ca )


Hello My Great Grandfather James Brown 1833-1911 was born in sydney Mines and at one time was a locomotive Engineer. He held the throttle of the first engine that passed over the Old Sydney and Louisburg Railway. and also had the distinction of having made the fastest run on record between Sydney and Reserve in one of the double engines that for years were used on that road. Could you please offer any help in finding areas that I might find some of this information. Is ther any archives for the Railways in that area?


Regards Jewel Brown

(If anyone can help please e-mail irish126(at)prodigy.net )



Greetings from Vancouver Jay! Just a few short words to let you know that I truly enjoyed coming across the "SYDNEY MINES" homepage. In fact was real surprised to even see that one existed. It was a real treat...brought back a great deal of memories that have been long forgotten as I have not been back in several years. I was born and raised in Sydney Mines 31 years ago and grew up in good ole Cranberry. Never really fit in there and was eager to leave and so I did when I turned 19 and have never looked back, although I do miss it on occasion as my family still lives there. I rarely ever go back to visit...think I have been home twice in 11 years in fact. Miss it a great deal at times! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that i did enjoy seeing the homepage.


Hey There Bye!! We are all from Sydney Mines here in T.O. We were just surfing the net, and dropped into the Sydney Mines home page. Its nice to see something from home.


hi willi,i'm interested in being on the list. I've had the awsome pleasure of living in sydney mines.i went to memorial for the first three years it opened 77,78,79.i'll be coming down there this august for my 20 yr grad reunion, maybe i'll meet you. Tanks ma bye!


Hi Jay!  I am a former resident of Sydney Mines (1952-1973). We lived at 10 Clyde Ave which is the Filmore & Whitman Funeral Home. I have enjoyed the Sydney Mines Home Page and thought I should let you know. I now live in Richmond, British Columbia with my wife and daughter...


I recently came across the Sydney Mines Homepage. It was great to see a listing of people I grew up with....


I just had to write you about this site. I sat here reading all of the slang words I remember when I was growing up on "bogs row". I am sitting here laughing by myself, its a good thing nobody can see nor hear me.I have been away from Sydney Mines for a good number of years and I forgot all of these sayings, I even lost my accent. I migrated to the USA when I got married, I now live in Florida. I just want to say thanks again, love the site.


Hello Jay, I'm a native of Da Moines, joined the Air Force when I turned 19 and been at it ever since.....34 years now. I lived on Forest Street. My parents still live there and I get home as often as I can but that isn't enough. Names Al (Albie) Rice and I would appreciate it if you would add my name to the list on the Sydney mines site. Keep up the good work bye, you probably realize that being a Cape Bretoner is a forever, some people are born into it and some work all their lives to be one, some die there to be called one. I have 2 brothers and 6 sisters, quite the clan bye and we are all workin and never been in jail...ya gotta like that eh! Ma does. Take care.


Hi, it was nice to see all the Sydney mines people on line. I'm from Sydney mines, and now live in Ontario, and really like talking to people from home. I would like to be add to your Sydney mines home page people listing.Your home page is great and always keep up the good work. again thank you b'ye.


Another sad day here in Sydney Mines...they BULLDOZED  Joe Pecks Grocery Store today...You are probably too young to know about OLD Joe Pecks store. Right next to Old Stan Gooding`s garage..OOOOPS that is gone too or as well...Well it was just across from the Old Town Hall on Main Street...Jeeeese that`s not there either...Well ya know the Old CO-OP Irving garage..Ya well that was next to the old Fire Station before they Bulldozed both of them. Do you know where the old bandstand used to be...ya next to the Old ARCHIBALD School. Oh thats right It`s not there either. Well I don`t know how to explain where it used to be. Ya know I expect they will bulldoze me under ground one of these days too..The way things are going......Keep a good thought ....


...hey,there,all'o'ya !!How you doin,down there,eh??I was only 4 yrs old,when we moved away,but,over the yrs,have been back,now & then,&,have made some life-long freinds,meeting them at different spots Canada wide. I'd love to

be put on yer line,there,b'yes,& keep contact.


I just kinda surfed on in and was very amused with the web page to say the least. i must say the SLANG its 20 minutes later and im still laughing, let me tell you im guilty

for saying MORE than JUST ONE of those phrases. i know about up

da'avenues and brown street woods all too well. anyhow i thought id just drop u a line to say the i enoyed visiting the site...


...I have been in the Air Force for 35 years and left Sydney Mines when I was 18. Mom and dad still live there. You may know one or more of my siblings...Bud, Walter, Lily, Diane, Ester, Gale, RubyAnn and Darlene. Bub is the only one of the gang living on Pond Road. Great site, keep up the good work.


Hi there,

Was looking at your site because I am doing my daughter's gen. and so I have a question for you. My daughter's great-grandparents are James and  Frances Cantwell, they live on Dwyer Street (actually James Cantwell passed away a few years ago). It is my understanding that he worked for the Police Dept. for many years and was part of the Royal Canadian Legion there. Do you have any history on this? Do you or someone have any information on this family?

Much appreciated if you could take a sec to check.


We live in Ontario.


(If anyone can help please e-mail odin(at)accglobal.net)


I would like you to add my name to the people listed on the home page. I live in Sydney Mines although I suppose I'm from "away" as I lived in Halifax for a while and then Alberta for eleven years. I was very happy to find the Sydney Mines page. I heard of it when my niece's mother put on a request for information about the family. Since then various members of the family have been in touch with her. So the page is doing a great job of keeping people together.


Great idea!



Lord Jesus Mary & Joseph b'ye! Now that page was a sight fer sore eyes. Just wanted to let ya know that I laughed my butt off readin yer slang page. I was born in Northside General in 1961. My parents still live in "the mines". Stick me on yer web page list. Got a little brother name of Harold, most of the younger crowd should know of

him.  In the meantime,stay where yer to till I can come where yer at!


Take care man.

P.S.I'm a prison guard in B.C. now. (Thats the spot on the other end of the dirt pile.)



I am trying to locate any information on my background.


1. Grandfather came from Sydney Mines: Arthur James Stubbert, born April 22,1880, who migrated to Massachusetts prior to my father's birth.


2. His father was James Arthur Stubbert, who was a photographer.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide,

John Malcolm Stubbert, Jr.


If anyone can help Mr. Stubbart, please e-mail him at stubbert(at)bellsouth.net



I am looking for information on Augustus McMillan or could be MacMillan born

around 1900 . Worked in th United States around 1925. I have been told that

he is one of my ancesters and that he lived in Sydney Mines. Can you help me

find information or tell me who to contact. Thank you


If anyone can help, please e-mail Dtaylor6789(at)aol.com


How goes it?   I am originally from SYDNEY MINES and proud of it!   I was born there in 1967 and moved away in 1984.   We lived at 187 Shore Rd.   It would be great to be on the list which you are forming.  I am already on the list from John Andrea.  It is great to see people interested in our history.  I have found that we all have lost contact with people we knew from years ago and what a great opportunity to revive this. Great site.   My hats off to you (JAY) and also John.( 2 great links) It would be great to have old friends send me an e-mail and reconnect our ties.


I  came on your website and can add some information I think would be of some interest to you and Sydney Mines.  My parents were from there and moved to the States in the early 20s.  I know many of my relatives were born there. I haven't been in Sydney Mines since we visited there in the late l930s when I was around l0 years old.  I have been thinking of taking a trip there this year if things work out.

Thanks for the opportunity to use your site.


Lloyd Ratchford

Northville, Michigan



Dear Jay:

My name is Russell Hennessey a nephew of the late Pius Hennessey of Sydney Mines, I was born in Reserve Mines (1937) the son of Michael and Flora Hennessey and now live in Victoria BC.  Would you please pass on my condolences to the siblings of Charles Hennessey, whom passed away January 22, 2001 (obituary in Cape Breton Post).     I would like to make email contact with any of their family, to update a family Tree which my brother John (Calgary) and I are putting together.  We would be happy to share our information with any of the "Cousins".  My email address is russh(at)vanisle.net

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.


Russell Hennessey


I'm interested in making contact with friends from sydney mines. I lived there and went to school there before joing the Air Force. I'm living in Florida 6 months of the year, from Oct. to Apr. Then back to Ontario.Would be interested in talking to anyone who might remember me.


George Whittle

Florida E-mail gnwhittle(at)juno.com


I am Louie Handley and used to live at Mack's corner. I would like to hear from some folks from the home town. Maybe I would know a lot of your grandparents as I am 77 and I used to drive cab many years ago in town.


Hi there

I was just directed to the Sydney Mines homepage by my sister and I have to

tell you how much I enjoyed it, especially the slang. I am now living in

the Annapolis Valley but I am always homesick, and reading some old familiar

sayings brought back a lot of great memories. My husband is a native of the

Annapolis Valley and is constantly amused by my cryptic Cape Bretoneze. The

latest thing to give him a chuckle is listening to me refer to the baby

icebergs as " oice clampers". I always thought that was what they were

called, apparently not!


Once again thanks for maintaining our great heritage through this website.



Hi there,

I'm not from Sydney mines but my mother was born there.  Her Maiden name is Barrie and her first name is Elaine.  She grew up on Pond Rd along with her other siblings.  My Grandfathers name was George and my Grandmothers name was Hannah.  If you have any email addresses for any of my relitives other than Dale as i got his off of this site i would appreciate it.


Thank you,


Lydia Jessome .


If anyone can help Ms Jessome please contact her at lydiajessome63(at)hotmail.com






















Robert Duplain



Hello, My name is Jewel Brown. My grandfather (Thomas James Brown) and Great grandfather & great grandmother)  (James Brown b.1833- Margaret Stevens b.1847) were born in Sydney Mines. I really enjoyed your site on Sydney Mines. I'm trying to get information on my great grandfather or great grandmother. I 'm looking for their parents. I know James Brown was scottish and was involved in coal mining. my great grandmother was English, but don't know who her parents were either. My grandfather Thomas J. Brown went on to North Sydney and was heavily involved in coal mining.  I'm also trying to track down my grandfathers sail boat Cricket about 45 feet in size.




Jewel Brown

e-mail irish126(at)prodigy.net


II Really love your letters page. I brought back a lot of memories. I went to Memorial High School, graduated in 1981. I live in Ontario now, had to...no work in "the Mines." I lived on Convent Street, went to the Immaculate Conception Church, sang in the boys choir with Stewart, sheamus, and Kyle, better known now as the Barra MacNeils (Billy's kicking me.) Boy!, could Father J.J. throw a fountain pen when he was mad. God Bless, and rest in peace Lavatino Harrietha (Lava)...where's Brian O'Toole, John Romeo, John Clarke, Billy Roberts, Stu Leach, Nancy Leach, Wilfred Woodfine (Woody), And all you guys, and gals. I remember Joe Pecks Store...He would never let us into his store, he'd make us wait outside, while he got what we wanted.(God, what would he have done these days?) Remember This: Monty's,aka The Corale,aka Ready's, The Gateway Lounge,aka The Skagway. The Barracks, The "heaps", The " pocket rocket"(hic) The Barrington St. "gang", and The Atlantic St. "gang". Joe Saker Made the best Pizza's. 2Nd. Battalion NS. Highlanders,' A' Company...The Best. North side Yacht Club, on Sundays....




My great-grandparents lived in Sydney Mines in the 1940's and before. My mother remembers spending her summers on their farm. Do you happen to know where I could find information on Murdock and Bella McKenzie? We think Murdock was the postmaster for a small section of Sydney Mines. My mother remembers her grandfather going to the tracks as the train was going by. The mail was dropped off and people would come to the house to get their mail after it was sorted. He also sold stamps at the house and cancelled outgoing mail. Any information about the McKenzies would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Sandy McVerry


If anyone can help Sandy McVerry please contact them at SMcverry(at)aol.com


Great site!  Just spent the past hour going through and having a great laugh.  I left The Mines in 86 and I do get back for a  one day visit about once a month.  Always shoot the drag before I head back to Antigonish and Amherst.  See, I'm not that far away!  Just forwarded the site to my brother in Stellarton and sister in Fort McMurray.  Keep up the great work!

Just discovered this great place.  I am compiling a family tree for my family so decided to check the web for Sydney Mines.   Had a great laugh reading the language page.   My Mother, Mary Jane Boutilier was born in Sydney Mines , Married my dad Joe Orrell at the church of the immaculate conception.  If there are any cousins out there Capsticks, Orrells, and maybe Boutiliers I would love to hear from them and share my family records.  I live in Hamilton Ontario. My e mail address is nhagan3(at)home.com.




Kathleen Hagan.  {nee Orrell}


I really like your site. Seems like alot of people want to find their roots, maybe I can help. I am currently helping the North Sydney Historical and the Sydney Mines Heritage with their genealogy requests from vistiors. The program is MY CONNECTIONS and it is free. The only rule is that the requests must be centered on people in the Northside area. People can also share their info with me so that others will benefit. I am in the daily process of transcribing records into databases.

If you can list My Connections on your site or direct people to me johns(at)syd.eastlink.ca I would be thankful.


John Scott










Reading the letters from the Sydney Mines home page really hit the spot. It's been a long time since I left. I was born in Sydney Mines a while back in the old row, which is now gone. I attended the Red Brick school, the Gray school then moved to Ontario and then to the U.S. I was back for a visit recently and there is nothing left of what I remember as a boy. The place where Joe Peck used to hang the rabbits outside in the winter is gone, the Town Hall with the jail underneath where we used to peek through the window on Sunday morning to see who was there is also gone. Ross's grocery, the Ink Spot,  Cuzner's show,  Clavin's,  the 5 & 10, Gooding's Garage, both Catholic schools and the old COOP are gone too. The COOP bakery, the COOP dairy, the old post office where we had a box, the two Chinese Cafés and the horse fountain across from the post office disappeared as well. Then there was the man car from the pit you could get a free ride on. At the time Vin Hall was police chief and Danny McCormick was patrolman. The pit head was still down at the end of Pit Street. Let's not forget coppers pond on Pit Street, that we used to float rafts on, that was so polluted that it's a wonder we all didn't die. I've seen a lot of the world since I left, but you never forget where you were born and I remain proud of my heritage. I really enjoy reading the letters posted on the home page. Keep up the good work.


Jim Downie



My name is Sheila Allan ( Handley ). I was born in Sydney Mines in 1935. I am now in St. Catharines Ontario. Would you or anyone else know about my parents, William and Julia Handley. His nickname was " Luggers " We lived on Pero St.  until 1948.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Sheila Allan ( Handley ) Smallan(at)aol.com


My name is Theresa Bushor, my father is Fred Bushor who lives in Halifax.  His parents were Hugh & Jesse Bushor. I am trying to locate any information at all on the roots of the Bushor family.  I came across a few in the states but couldn't really find much information.  Any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much from a fellow Blue Noser Miner!  You may e-mail me at the above address or at niteowl29(at)hotmail.com.  I have a web page (I think!) on the geneaology.com site.  I believe it is niteowl29(at)geneaology.com but I'm brand new to this so I don't know for sure whether it will be der or not.

Please respond ASAP as time is of the essence.  Thanks a million!



Hello. I was checking out the Sydney Mines website & came upon your e-mail address. I'm writing an article in a new movie magazine regarding films that were shot in Canada. After checking into Sydney Mines I discovered that the film MY BLOODY VALENTINE was shot there in 1981 & I thought of doing a longer piece on this feature since it is the 20 year anniversary. I'm basically looking to interview anyone who was used as an extra in the film. Do you or anyone you know have any information regarding the shooting of this movie? Any behind the scenes info as well as any pictures would be appreciated & I'd be sure to include your name in the article as well as mail you a copy. If you're not interested in contributing then I thank you for your time. Take care.



olga + simon olsim(at)total.net


Hi jay,

just came across your site. its great

I know I have family down there. And would love to hear from them

or anyone that can help me with my family tree. Surname is Cann

My name is Harold William Cann. Friends call me Billy. My father was

Henry Lewis Cann aka Harry.

I would like to thank you for any help you may provide. I can be reached

through this E-mail  t.chisholm(at)sympatico.ca


Hi Jay   Looking for family of William & Catherine Neilan who worked in the mines around 1860-1880.  Had 2 daughters - Mary Neilan who married William Nazer in Halifax in 1879 and Dorcas Neilan.  Any family info would be greatly appreciated.  Also would appreciate info concerning their work in the mines.


Thanks.  Jim at jashrus(at)mediaone.net.

Hi there,   I came about your homepage after reading an article about the downfall of coal mining at Cape Breton Island - and Sydney Mines was named a few times being the oldest mining town at Cape Breton Island. I'm working for the Industrial Union of Mining, Chemical and Energy Workers in Germany and we got a lot of problems at the moment. Just like in Canada the whole mining is going and the main company DSK which is running nearly all the mines over here has to cut down personal needs about 60 % up to 2005. At the moment we're running a campaign for the "German Coal". I would be more than interested to get in contact with any person who can give me some more information about coal mining and maybe how the Union was involved in it. It's so interesting for me - especially as it's not even my job but I'm living in the German mining area (Ruhr-area) as well.


Greetings from Germany

Anja kampfzwerg_anja(at)web.de


I just wanted to say, great work. I checked out your portfolio you have on your site. I'm sure that is only a small portion of your work, but from what I can see, you are a great graphic "artist".


Now, on to business....


Sydney Miners are the only people in this world to end their questions with "wha?" before you even get a chance to reply...


"Nice day out eh? Wha?"


You see....?


Before the person being asked even has a chance to reply...they are being asked to repeat themselves....




- Derek Bond

Hello Jay


My Grandfather, Remy Gaston Fauquet left his French Navy Ship while anchored off the coast of Sydney Cape Breton (he said he swam 2 miles to shore). He said he his for a while until tiredness and hunger got the best of him. He started walking until he came to a house and dared to knock.  He said a very kind woman answered and gave him food and shelter. She also helped in get a job in the Sydney Mines with her son. He stayed in a rooming place while working there. This was between 1907-1911. Questions----What are the possibilities of the location of rooming house?----Would there still be records of employees of the mines from that time period?----Any informatios will be appreciated.




email: BhndTheSunglases(at)aol.com


Hi I am the cousin of Wallace MacKeigan and I am doing the family history of the MacKeigan's. I use to live on Pond St with my father George and mother Mable, my brother Duncan still lives in the family home. I now live in Ipperwash Ont but go home almost every year.

Say hello to Wally for me.


Elizabeth (MacKeigan ) Drake


e-mail: jdrake(at)execulink.com


My grandmother is supposed to be from Sydney Mines. he father, John Johns(t)on was said to be an engineer in the mines. do not know dates of birth/death/immigration. only that she, Margaret Johns(t)on would have been born approx 1880's and later. she married Willis James Layton from Petite River, Lunenburg County, dont know dates. cannot seem to find any Johns(t)on families or Layton families. both Margaret Johns(t)on and Willis James Layton attended Mt. Allison College, have photos with inscriptions on the back. does any of this sound familiar to you or maybe anyone you have contact with.


thank you for your time.


Edith Layton Tello


e-mail: puppytello(at)aol.com

Hi Jay,


It was my great pleasure recently to visit Sydney Mines after a 31 year absence. Both my parents were born and raised there. I have heard about Cape Breton hospitality but until you experience it you really never know how great it is. I found people very warm and friendly everywhere I went. Driving down any street I would find people waving at me. Getting directions was always a delight because most of the time they not only knew where to send me but they knew the people as well. Many conversations were struck up and warmed my heart. Hats off to Sydney Mines. I can't wait to return to you.

My family are Walkers(Fraser Ave) and Penney's (Black Point) and would be especially interested in hearing from any relatives.


God Bless,


Ellen Ridsdale


e-mail: rids(at)on.aibn.com


I was wondering if you can give me any information on how I can get into records etc. for tracing my grandmother who grew up in Sydney Mines.  She was born July 11, 1879-1880 - her name was Catherine Ferguson.  I have no knowledge of her father or mother.  She had a sister Annie and a sister Georgina. Georgina stayed in Sydney Mines and was married.  I believe her last name was Clare.  I would appreciate and information you can give me.  Thank you.


Annabelle Shepherd




Simply awesome site...I was born and raised in Sydney Mines. I lived on Convent Street. My Mother and my brother Jim still live there. Her name is Mamie Laidlaw. My Dad (Ernie)passed away many years ago and both he and my brother Jim, worked in Princess Colliery. I moved from Sydney Mines when I was 18 but go back every chance I get, (usually once a month). No matter where I live, Sydney Mines will always be "HOME". I don't recall seeing any mention of St Marys Hall. Remember that hall? It was on Main Street across from the Presbyterian church. St Marys Hall had a bowling alley in the basement, dances and concerts held upstairs. It burned down many years ago. I wonder if anyone has a picture of the hall before it was destroyed.The little store , across from the church was, as we called it. "Joe Fattys". As a child I couldn't make the connection between his name and his appearance. He was a very thin man. Not until I got older did I realize his name was "Fahey". Thanks for the laughs and the memories.Looking forward to an updated issue..Excellent job...

Vivian (Laidlaw) Jessome

e-mail: Littleface99(at)hotmail.com




I was sent to this site by a long time friend and am so pleased he did so. You have and are doing a wonderful job. I was born and raised there and it is so good to see some of the old pictures and names that I still recognise. I do still get back quite frequently and am pleased to see the reconstruction that is now going on. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who MIGHT remember me. Please keep up the great work. I will continue to follow.


George Brown




First and foremost, I love the webpage, it has so many wonderful things on it. My Nana was born in Sydney Mines in 1913, as were 6 more of her brothers and sisters, between 1901-1923. I have been searching for information on her parents and have not had alot of luck so far. If anyone out there is reading this and knows any information I would appreciate an e-mail. My Nana was born October 1913 in Sydney Mines to Alice (Ferguson) and Harry Driscoll, her name was Edna Mary Driscoll. Harry worked in the Coal Mines, and Mary seem to have her hands full having children every 2-3 years. Mary was approximately 16 when she gave birth to her first child. The newest information I have is from Danny at the Immaculate Conception Church, and that is that my Nana's Godparents were/are Joseph and Willena McCormick. He also told me that back then Godparents tended to be relatives not just friends...I think that Willena may have been my great grandmothers sister. I would love to learn anything I can about them, where they were from etc... I have already been to the Archives in Halifax, and I was not successful in finding anything. I am hoping to find out where my great grandparents were born etc...so that I can continue my search. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully there is someone out there who knows either of the McCormicks and can shed a little light for me. Thank you, Barbara Ensign Massachusetts, USA


Barbara Ensign












Hi wanted to know if there are or have ever been any LANGWITHS in Sydney Mines? Thanks




Email: elangwith(at)hotmail.com



Hi Jay, I am not from Sydney Mines but my family tree goes back to 1750 in Sydney Mines so maybe among the first settlers there. A look at the records show at one time the place was full of way's. Most were miners and lived around Pond Road. As for slang you should include "Lazy Town" which is even on some of the church records as the place of residence. When the farmers came to town to sell their vegetables and found all the miners still in bed from working night shifts they came to call Sydney mines Lazy Town and the name must have stuck for quite a while. I think almost everybody in town is related to me but most don't know .Many relatives moved away and the name got married out a lot especially when one of my ancestors had seven daughters. One married a Stubbert from Point Aconi, another married a Brown, Vickers, Kelly, Lawler, Davis, Campbell .I have a huge chart home of my tree. I'd like to get it completed and show it to the historical society.


Colin Waye



I'm looking for any relatives still in the cape.  Johnny miles was my cousin. the runner. And I'm looking for members of the Sampson family. My moms maiden name.  She married an rcaf type.


Marty Miles

e-mail: martymiles999(at)aol.com



Hello, I am currently doing some family history research which includes Sydney Mines. I have discovered that my great grandparents immigrated to Sydney Mines from Scotland sometime after 1895. Their names were Thomas Mcpherson, wife Mary Ellen, and 3 children, Elizabeth, William and James. William returned to Scotland to marry my grandmother Mary Douglas in 1919 and they returned to Sydney mines and had two children who were born there. James Douglas Mcpherson (born approx. november 1919) and Mary Mcpherson(born approx. Jan 1921). I believe they were members of St. Andrews presbyterian church. I have also discovered that Thomas Mcpherson, my great grandfather, is buried in Brookside cemetery. His cemetery headstone says he died in 1920. I would like to obtain any further information pertaining to their family at the time they lived there, possibly church records, where they lived and if the house may still be there. I am planning a trip there and would like ! to come armed with some information.


I would appreciate any information or direction you could give me. Thank you in advance for your time.




Debbie Byrne

Victoria, British Columbia


If anyone can help out Ms. Byrne please contact her at debyrne(at)shaw.ca



Hi, I never thought that I fit in well in Sydney Mines. I moved there when I was very young. From the big city? My dad said don't blink when we shot the drag, you might miss it. And I still miss it to this day. Thanks for the great web site. Hi wodden head, boner, picker, Roger. Where ever you are!


Fred Brown (aka booger)


I am writing to see if you can help me with a question. I am doing a project concerning Canadian servicemen who lost their lives in the Second World War, and I came across the gravesite of a young man from Sydney Mines. His name was Flight Sergeant Elliott Russell Smith, and the inscription on his headstone reads: I.O.O.F. CABOT NO. 2, SYDNEY MINES, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA. Do you know what the first portion means? I would be very grateful for any assistance you can provide on this.


With my thanks,


Eric McGeer



Calling all Alder Pointers !!


First of all -- LOVED the website and came across it quite by accident. Although I was born and raised in Ontario, my parents were both from Alder Point and therefore we spent all of our summers there. The memories I have growing up hanging out in front of Greg's Store, swimming in the gut, and bon-fires down at the shore are simply irreplaceable. Even more so are the memories of the friendships that were immediately rekindled each July!


Recently, I have begun writing some memoirs of my summers. With the help of old journals and chats with my dear cousin who travelled with me each year - we have managed to stir up some great stories. I would LOVE to be able to get in contact with some of the old gang -- anyone with any info on any of the following people, please email me!!


Oh...my name back then (and this would be around 1982-1984ish) was Jeannie Theriault, daughter of the late Mary LeBlanc and Gordon Theriault. My cousins name back then was Donna Milley ...and yes, we were crazy!!


Here's who we are looking for!


The Marsh Brothers (Micky and Jimmy)

The Thurbide Boys (Kevin aka Burbs, Todd aka Peetone, and Ronnie who was such a HOTTIE) Sherry Buffet aka Snuff Ann Bungay Brenda Thurbide Ralph (inventer of the yellow line treatment)


And anyone else who would have hung out at the "monument" on Alder Point Road during the early to mid 80's!!


On a somber note, it is with great sadness that I extend my sympathies to the family of Donald LeBlanc who was killed in a tragic accident this past winter. Donald was one of our gang --- always smiling and always so incredibly friendly. I have no idea who he married, but my heart felt sympathy goes out to her and her children.


Jeannie Theriault

e-mail: Jeannie1967(at)cogeco.ca


The Parish of Immaculate Conception is in search of old parish photos. If you have any that would be benefit our archives please contact the Glebe. 902-736-9242


I am looking for my brother Greg Macchesney he lives in Vancouver. If any one can tell me where he is I would greatly appreciate it.

thank you


Paul Macchesney


If anyone can help out Mr. Macchesney please contact him at paulandjacki(at)ns.sympatico.ca



Hi Jay, I love your site, especially the slang. I am originally from Pitt Street in Florence. I lived there until I was six. I read submission from someone named Ed, who was looking for information about the Little Flower Orphanage. When I went into foster care, I lived there, only then it was called Baroncroft (1971-1972). Then it was run by Mr. and Mrs. Young. The Orphanage is now a medical complex. Anyway, I still go home every now and again to visit my Uncle Tommy and Aunt Jennie (Butts) on Jardine St. My siblings parents are: Babs Butts and Tom Donovan (both passed on). Siblings are Jackie, Valerie, Paulette, Wanda and Walter. I would love to talk to anyone who remembers me or my family. My grandparents are Big Jack and Mae Butts (who lived in,of course, the old black house just past the tracks. Wendy or Billy Campbell, if you go on this site please make contact. My married name is Mombourquette and I live in Port Hawkesbury.


Please email me at jennie(at)ns.sympatico.ca.


My ancestors immigrated to Sydney Mines in the 1800's and worked in the mines. I am attempting to learn when and how they arrived, as well as when and how they departed. They traveled to and settled near Elko, Nevada at the end of the 19th century. Can you direct me to someone, who may be able to provide me more of such information? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. The family name then (and now) was "Peck."


Kenneth Peck


If anyone can help out Mr.Peck please contact him at kenpeck(at)oneimage.com



I came across your site and was here laughing my head off at the U KNOW YOU'RE FROM Cape Breton WHEN.... LOL that was so funny .lol I am still laughing .I got tears in my eyes reading that. LOL Thank you for the laughs .Everyone talking about the old times in syndey mines it brings back alot of memories. Even tho I go back quite often. But there is one thing that comes to my mind that I didn't see mentioned here.Remember our taxi stand was Freddy N Joe ? (wasn't it?) Sitting on the corner of main st and fraser ave. Joe always smoking the cigar. And that old phone that might of rang once a month lol (I use to call it just to get Joe to move :))lol. That was their Taxi stand:) And there was another guy that worked there. We use to sit in his car in the winter time, at the stand, when the old man was out to kill us lol. Here laughing lol they were the good ole days:) That reminds me was it a cape breton thing ?or just willie?Everytime I would get into trouble, (often) the ole man us! e to send my older brother looking for me up on the avenues ,and he would come tell me that the ole man had icecream for me.I would be so excited and run home ,all smiles:). Little did I know there was no ice cream but a good pounding for getting into trouble. After a few times of my brother coming to tell me that there was ice cream at home for me . lol. I learned that I don't like ice cream anymore. lol. And to this day when someone says lets go for ice cream ,I go the other way .Learnt my lesson:) I am going to post this webpage in my links .

aka (nerf) Mitch


I was born in Sydney Mines at the hospital that burned down there in the town. I am trying to get some history on our family. My Dad was Gordon Nichol from North Sydney and my Mom is Agnes Matheson I believe from Sydney Mines. I believe her mother was from Newfoundland. My mother is from a large family but I have lost touch as I have been gone for many years.I don't really have any history of my family. If any knows the above mentioned parties and any history I would be happy to know. Thank you.


Betty Lou Nichol


I anyone can help Ms.Nichol please e-mail her at elcostan(at)hotmail.com


Dear Sir,

My father William Gray came over from Scotland in 1920 with his mother Isabella and brother James. He was 8 years old at the time. His mother re-married to a fellow named David Herron. They then moved to Guelph but I don't know when.


I am interested in finding as much info as possible.

What boat that they came over on

What their address was in Sydney Mines.

When his step-father came over etc.

Any info and leads will be greatly appreciated.


William John Gray

If anyone can help Mr. Gray please e-mail him at williamjgray(at)hotmail.com




Looking for Hugh Hector (McPhee) MacPhee Born in Millis Ma USA in 1894 moved back to NS at the age of 9 when his Dad died. As the oldest, he worked in the Sidney Mines as a boy until he entered WW1 1914-1918.


Patrick McPhee


If anyone can help Mr. McPhee please contact him at pmcphee(at)comcast.net.



If anyone is acquaintances with Carolyn MacNeil, formerly Thurbide, please forward her my e-mail address. I am a friend from 1965...she WILL know who I am.


Joe MacNeill yws00(at)yahoo.com<



hi my mom was born in sydney mines as was my brother but sad to say i was born in ontario. i did live in sydney mines for a bit. i love the place but don't get back enough. i lived on guy street with my grandparents jack and mary campbell. my aunt and uncle are alice and sonny bungay who live on guy street now. i would love to hear from anyone who knew my mom or her family. we do keep in touch with alice and sonny but would love to hear from some old friends. i remember the parades down the main street and even took part in a few, with a bike decorated. what fun. also as a teenager touring in a car up and down the main street. i often think of the beach and picking blueberries down cranberry. skating was another much remembered past time. hopefully i will get to return to sydney mines with my husband. i tell him that it is the best place on the earth but he will never know unless he visits. bye and i hope to hear from someone.

Alice (Molleson) ray.bartman(at)synpatico.ca



I am thrilled to find this site, quite by accident too, I have been searching for my grandfather for over ten years, i know he has passed away by now but continue to search for it was my father's dying wish. His name was "either" Augustus McMillan (could've been MacMIllan-that is what i was raised with) Angus McMillan or Angus MacMillan the discreptcy continues...I believe he may have been born about 1905 and came from Sydney Mines Canada. I do not know much at all about him except that he was supposedly my grandfather. He did work for a short time at Belchertown State Hospital in Massachusetts USA as an attendent in i believe 1923 (give or take a year or so) and met my grandmother Florence Robinson and on June 14, 1924 my father was born...I have not been able to find anything on him and would greatly appreciate ANYTHING please contact me at the about email address or my home addresss.any email addresses of the Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church or Pres!

byterian church that may hold his birth would be tremendously appreciated. Also the names on the miners memorial park marker would be great too....please help me

Donna nicknac9swife(at)aol.com



I am looking for information on my paternal grandmother. She was born in Sydney Mines back in the late 1800's. Her name was Dolena MacLean. I am not too sure of how large her family was but I do know she had a sister Katie who moved to Boston.

If anyone had any information on her it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you, Roberta Campbell <caedyn(at)theedge.ca>



I am trying to trace the Peck family from Sydney Mines/ Little Bras'dor, I am quite sure my great grandmother Laura Peck was of native desent, and am trying to prove it, any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you,


Carolyn <carolmitchell(at)eastlink.ca>



1. You never meet any celebrities except Donald Marshall.


2. Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a tractor on the highway.


3. "Vacation" means you've got enough hours worked to start pogey again.


4. You've seen all the biggest bands ten years after they were popular.


5. You measure distance in hours.


6. You know several people who have hit deer or moose more than once.


7. Your classes were canceled because of cold or snow.


8. You often switch from "A/C" to "heat" in the same day.


9. You use a down comforter in the summer.


10. Your grandparents drive at 100/km per hour through 7 feet of snow and raging blizzard without flinching.


11. You plan your financial future around bingo.


12. You see people wear hunting clothes at social events.


13. You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked.


14. You think of the major four food groups as deer meat, beer, fish and berries.


15. You carry jumper cables in your car and your girlfriend knows how to use them.


16. There are always 6 empty cars running in the parking lot at the liquor store at any given time.


17. You only own 3 spices: salt, pepper, and ketchup.


18. You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.


19. Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow.


20. You think everyone from a bigger city has an accent.


21. You think sexy lingerie is tube socks and flannel pyjamas.


22. You know which leaves make good toilet paper.


23. You know all 4 seasons: Almost Winter,Winter, Still Winter,and Construction.


24. It takes 3 hours to go to the mall for one item even when you're in a rush because you have to stop and talk to everyone in town.


25. You actually understand these jokes and forward them to all your friends


26. Rush hour is when the cars at Tim Hortons are lined out to the road



Ya' know your from da mines when...

1)When you know "Rockets" real name is robbie waye (god rest his soul)


2)You know all the names of the smitts (Ruthy to Cecil)


3)You know that you can always find a cougar at Monty's


4)you know what a Monty's and a cougar is


5)you know where Cranberry, the heeps, Ocean St., Atlantic St. Trailer Park


and the fourm is


6)you know the names (or nick names ) of all the zamboni drivers are at the


tidney mines rink


7)you remember that there used to be a shoppers on the main street


8)You knew at least 1 person that worked on "pit pony"


9)......and yet you never watched it!!!!


10) you know the holiday hours of the NSLC (liquor store)


11) 8-pack Olands $10.85


12) You have an assortment of chimpmans fine wines (glow)


13) You know at least 1 bootlagger


14) no matter what the sign says they'll always be Stubberts & Capers


15) you can say save me yer butt and dont get wierd looks


16) you know where exit 6 is!!


17) If you hang around the drug store long enough you'll see "the rigs"


18) Everyone knows sextons but where is capital


19) It was Dave's then Milley's but what is it now??????


20) No one knows if its Esso or Petro-can but everyone knows Pecks n' Reids


21) Ebbies is the best fast food in town


22) Is there still homers pizza?


23) You would take any trip to Sydney


24) You can drink a beer in a cab as long as you give the cabbie one


25)Everyone knows where "Mike's Beverage Room" is but no one's had a beer there


26) Const. Marks drives the cop van like its a friggin' family vehicle

(sydney mines laker jacket over his uniform)


27) It was the blueberry hill, then the Yellow submarine, but whose house is it now? (........the spooney's??)


28)You don't only see a cooked Turkey at Christmas you can see him at any street corner with a 40 n' the thumb out!!


29) Last Weeks minor Hockey even split was $7,500, Not sure who won it but my brother works with his cousint's best friend.


30) Sayings:

didja get your picture with the dead seal down are beach

Last piece of ass I got wus when I put me finger true the toilet paper

I got dis tommy shirt at value village

Gotta go down lofoods ta get da order

She's fright night tanight... Whose playin....... Spyder?

Banks'll be hoopin', shes check week

Didja get enough hours for Pogey?

If yer headin' to Nor' sydney get me a medium double double

Go'wan bye, I'll puck ya in da mout!


****By Paul MacQueen & Stevie Dolhanty during C++ Lab Nov.29th 2001****


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